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Li-Ning Malaysia have been celebrating and awarding the winners of the Li-Ning String and Win Contest last February 8th at Genting Highlands, in-conjunction with the semifinals of the Kopiko Purple League, in which Li-Ning is the official equipment sponsor.

The RM10,000 Grand Price Winner, Syarifah Radziah Syed Khairuddin with Li-Ning Badminton Athlete & Singapore Olympian, Derek Wong.

The Li-Ning String and Win Contest was a 3-month long contest held in Malaysia where Li-Ning fans and readers of participating publications were quizzed about their knowledge about the brand new Li-Ning Badminton Strings series, the Li-Ning Badminton Strings No.1, No.5 and No.7 in particular; along with the most creative slogan they can produced. Li-Ning Malaysia has now picked out the lucky winners and they will be awarded with their prize money while they are on their trip up in Genting, on the final day of the Kopiko Purple League.

The Grand Prize winner for the Li-Ning String and Win Contest will be getting a cash prize of RM10,000 along with an all-expense paid trip up to Genting Highlands to witness theKopiko Purple League Champions Challenge Match as well as 2 days 1 night stay in First World Hotel Genting Highlands. The two (2) second prize winners as well as four (4) third prize winners will also be treated to the all-expense paid trip up to Genting Highlands for the Kopiko Purple League, along with cash prizes of RM1,000 and RM500 respectively. Total value of the prizes exceed RM16,000 for the entire contest.

All Contestants Winner - From Left: RM1000 Winner: Ong Tou, Ahmad Shahrim, RM10,000 Winner: Syarifah Radziah, RM500 Winner: Fletcher Tan, Tan Hau. 

Simon Soh, General Manager of Li-Ning Malaysia says,“Li-Ning aims to continuously support the sport of badminton that has been a national pride for us since the days of the Sidek Brothers, Foo KokKeong and other greats up till today where Malaysia is still one of the dominating force in the sport.” Li-Ning Malaysia will also be sponsoring the upcoming Sudirman Cup and world championship. “We will put in our best efforts to support our athletes and spearhead the growth of thebadminton in Malaysia.” adds Soh.

Li-Ning has recently been making waves around the nation as the new mainstream sports apparel brand that covers badminton, basketball and track sports. However, the main focus of Li-Ning has always been Badminton thusthe Li-Ning String and Win Contest was held to introduce the new Li-Ning Badminton Strings. The series comes in 3 models where No.1 provides high repulsion power,No.5 provides repulsion power plus added durability while the No.7 comes with super durability, each for the different kinds of players with their own preference. Li-Ning has also created a badminton based phone app Li-Ning Jump Smash™ 2014, the first 3D badminton game using finger swipes.

The Li-Ning String and Win Contest was held from 1st September 2014 and concluded in 31st November and was held in all Li-Ning outlets and dealership as well as over the Li-Ning Malaysia social media page: https://www.facebook.com/liningmal

Simon Goh, General Manager For Li-Ning Malaysia with Li-Ning Badminton Athlete & Singapore Olympian, Derek Wong.

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