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BeoVision Avant 75” is the newcomer to the BeoVision Avant family already counting the 85” and 55”. At CES 2015, BeoVision Avant received the Design and Engineering Innovation Honoree status within the High Performance Home Audio category.

In May 2014 Bang & Olufsen redefined the television’s place in the home with the launch of the innovative BeoVision Avant 55”, offering sublime Ultra High Definition (4K) video performance and excellent acoustic authenticity built in. Shortly after, the 85” version was launched to provide an extraordinary visual experience, and today the company is excited to announce that the TV now also comes in 75” - for those still wanting the bigger picture.

The majestic size options of BeoVision Avant set the stage for a truly cinematic movie experience with family and friends or an enthusiastic sports night with crystal clear action images and an engaging surround sound that unfolds to reveal an enthralling stadium sensation in your living room.

“As we anticipated, BeoVision Avant has followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, which was a game changer in the analogue era,” Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President Brand, Design and Marketing explains. She continues, “When we launched it last year we saw unprecedented demand and unsurpassed feedback from consumers around the globe that agreed with our vision of the future of television. With this family of Avants, we hope to offer consumers the choice they crave to make sure the TV can fit with their lifestyles and complement their homes. We not only wish to make sure the TV can blend into the background when not in use, but also add the wow factor with a show stopping piece of technology.”

Smart choreography and one-touch control

The designers at Bang & Olufsen have aimed at reducing the physical presence of BeoVision Avant when not in use. By offering both a motorised stand and a wall bracket option, you will be able to let this 85/75/55-inch television stand out or blend into your interior. Once you switch it on it shows off its full potential through a carefully choreographed unfolding. Touch one button on BeoRemote One, and it finds your favourite position, your favourite channel and your favourite sound setting. When you switch it off it folds back the speakers and returns to its discrete resting place close up against the wall. Watch the magical new stand programme in action here.

New improved BeoRemote App 2.0.

The BeoRemote App 2.0 offers two-way control of your Bang & Olufsen TV, from your iPad or smartphone, with a distinctive Bang & Olufsen feel. You get easy navigation, a handy keyboard for entering text, and the same operation philosophy you know from BeoRemote One including MyButtons functionality. In addition the iPad version includes an outstanding Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) function with extended information on the TV programmes, channel info and logos. This means you can check out other programmes or look for additional information on your iPad without disturbing the viewing experience for others watching the broadcast.

The BeoRemote App 2.0 is available on the App Store and Google Play for free. BeoVision Avant 75” is available in Bang & Olufsen stores as of April 2015. Recommended price RM 82,500 for BeoVision Avant 75” including BeoRemote One. Placement options on either wall or floor available too.
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